Looking for things to do? If you're into Board games or not, we have you covered!
Reservations are recommended for all events

Cash Prize Trivia   7pm


Trivia Night.png

$3 to play, cash prize 1st /2nd place teams

Teams size: 1-8 people

Includes board game play

Come early for game play and try our delicious menu that includes Beer & Wine

You can reserve your seats below,

just let us know what date and how many will be on your team.

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Puzzle Race! 9/16


Here is what it's all about!!

Date Night, Friends, Co-workers, it's the perfect night to get puzzled!!

$50 per team so that's only $25 per person!

For $25, you also will get choice of a menu item and beverage!!  

Over 21?  Want a beer?  That's fine too! We just won't give you a bottle of wine!!

Tickets must be paid for in advance to ensure everyone has the same puzzle.

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September Thursday Trivia Bonus Tournament!

Trivia Night.png

We are adding a month-long tournament to our Thursday Night Trivia!!

Rules are simple, every Thursday your team plays in September, your PRE-Bonus round points will be added each week.

The team with the most points at the end of September - is going to get an amazing PRIZE! Provided by Jerry Shoal!

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New Campaigns, More Days to Play

d and d logo.png

Looking for more information about the current campaigns?

Give us a call at 941-567-4045.

Sign up now to join in the next campaign!

Or do you have your own group already?

Come play here for only $10 per person.  

You can pay the $10 Game Fee or spend $10 on food and drink!!

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Movies Trivia!

Rescheduled to 9/2

Minimalist Family Reunion Facebook Event Cover Photo.jpg

It's Movie Trivia Friday!  

$5 per person to play.

Team sized from 2 -8 are welcome!

Reservations recommended!

Gourmet Popcorn & Root beer Floats!!


Cash Prize to 1st & 2nd place teams!

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Dead Sea

Solo Player Meet UP

Every Saturday 7-10pm  

solo player meet up (1).jpg

Have your friends not discovered

board game fun?

New to the area? Need someone to play with?

Are you always missing the 3rd, 4th or 6th to play that game you love or want to learn?

This is where you need to be!  We will host what we call SOLO Player events to get you back in the game!!

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